Sample Placement Tests

New students planning to join at level higher than Hindi 1 must take a placement test to show their readiness for that level. Students are tested in areas of writing skills, reading fluency, listening comprehension, conversational skills and vocabulary for given level.

List of Topics Covered

Hindi 1 – Please refer to curriculum outline posted at

Hindi II – This test encompasses vocabulary and grammar covered in Beginner Hindi by Joshua Pien (Ch 1- 41)

Please refer to curriculum posted at

Hindi III – Geography of India, Cuisines of India, Noteworthy figures of India (Abdul Kalam, Tagore, C.V. Raman, Srikanth Bolla, Sudha Chandran, Sports Champions – Geeta and Babita), Mythological Stories of India, Thought provoking stories like ‘prayshchit’, ‘kaki’, ‘ek hare hue neta ka interview’, ‘Pritoria jate hue’

Hindi I_TestOutline

Hindi II Sample Test

Hindi III Sample Test