Fremont Unified School District Board Approval


Date of Board Meeting: May 23, 2007
TITLE: Board Approval of Hindi as a Course of Study
Section 51243 of California Education Code states: “The State Board of Education shall adopt rules and
regulations prescribing standards and conditions pursuant to which credit shall be given for those purposes to
students in public schools who have successfully completed foreign language studies in private schools.”
Section 51244 states: “The provision of Section 51243 giving credit to foreign language courses given in
private schools shall apply to courses in the following languages, Chinese, French, German, Greek (classical
and modern), Japanese, Jewish, Latin, Spanish and Russian, and other languages as the State Board of
Education shall designate. Section 51245 states: “For purposes of the credit which may be given pursuant to
Sections 51243 and 51244 for foreign language courses undertaken in private schools, it shall not be required
that the instructors in private schools be regularly credentialed teachers.
Current Status:
With the growing population of natives of India in the Bay Area and the growing role of India in the world
economy, there is an increased interest and demand for speakers of Hindi. A three year course of study in Hindi
has been submitted through the District. It has been approved by the U.C. of California, as submitted, as an
approved course of study effective the 2007-2008 school year. The course of study will not be taught in
Fremont Unified School District, nor will resources be required from FUSD. The course will be included
among other World Language courses previously approved by the Board.
The Board of Education approve Hindi I, Hindi II and Hindi III as private school courses of study alternatives
for students in the Fremont Unified School District, effective the 2007-2008 school year.
Dennis W. Brown, Ed.D. 659-2513
Secondary Education Instruction
Milt Werner, Ed.D.