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Dated July 2009 Both Amira & Kiran want to do your camp again next week. They also want to have lunch. They LOVE LOVE LOVE your food!!! We would love to get your recipes.
Also, Amira has talked about a performance next week, when is it, so I can arrange my calendar, and she wants her Dad to come. -Rebecca

Dated September 2006 Madhuji, Thank you for the feedback and I think this has been the most detailed update I’ve seen for anything (and Harker as a school does do a very good job at keeping parents informed in general). Hari was very excited with his first Hindi class, the stickers he got and as parents, we were overjoyed at his reaction. He has not picked up much Hindi even though we speak a good deal of it at home (along with Tamil) – we’re looking for him to want to learn Hindi and his reaction after the first class was exactly that. He recited all that he learnt, has been saying namaste to us through the day etc. very excited and looking forward to learn more – what more could we parents want really? If there’s anything you’d like from us as parents to help with, please do let us know. And once again, thank you for making this so enjoyable and exciting for the children. Sincerely, Priya (Hari’s mother)