MBK is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Madhu Bhasha Kendra is dedicated to keeping Hindi language and Indian culture alive. Supplementary Education Program is accredited by WASC.


Our mission is to bridge generations by fostering receptive and productive communication skills in Hindi language, and developing cultural awareness, as learners cultivate community connections in and outside the classroom.


Prepare students to develop skills necessary for a diverse, global economy.

Learner Outcomes:

  • All students are able to communicate effectively with advanced level of language skills for overall high academic achievement
  • All students are able to communicate effectively in the target language via proficient, articulate, and well-organized writing
  • All students are able to demonstrate comprehension of the spoken target language in a variety of listening situations
  • All students are able to demonstrate comprehension of a wide range of written materials in target language
  • All students are able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the culture(s) of the Hindi speaking world

Student/Parent Feedback

Manav Bhatia (June 4, 2017)

MBK is a great organization for learning hindi. They have a great approach to teaching Hindi and they reinforce the knowledge with relevant and immersive field trips.

Shreyas Arora

June 3, 2017

MBK is a great organization which has empowered me to learn and improve my Hindi skills drastically. For the past two years I have been learning Hindi here for credit. I have learned about culture, religion, and history as well in this fun course. I would truly recommend this course to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in Hindi.

Sungum Sogani

June 3, 2017

I have been learning Hindi at MBK for three years. This experience has been one that I will never forget. The immersive classes have taught me a lot about both the culture and religion. The teachers are also very dedicated to teaching the students. I highly recommend this class.

Satabdiya Roy

June 1, 2016

Madhu Bhasha Kendra is a wonderful organization. The teachers there are amazing. They are immensely helpful and considerate most of the time. If you advance to higher levels, you will feel the pressure, but that is almost like the requirement of the standards for this class to be considered for credit. Madhu Aunty is a wonderful person and Neelima Aunty (Hindi Level 3) is very good adviser and teacher. I had a great time studying here, hoping to have a great time doing Hindi Level 4…..

Vijay Kristipati

May 19, 2015

We moved to Bay Area in month of December 2014.After doing some research we wanted to try MBK for my 7 years old daughter. Even though it was middle of the year, Madhu-ji and Shilpi-ji enrolled my daughter in to program and sat with my daughter after the class to make sure that she is comfortable with the language. In 5 months, my daughter was able to recognize, read, write hindi alphabets and write small words and able to read small stories on her own.This is not possible with out their constant support. FYI- We don’t speak hindi at our home and hindi is not her mother tongue. We really liked the program and the way they teach.

Aman Chopra

Jan 28, 2015

As a Hindi student myself, I cannot express my gratitude for my culture, family, and religion after having joined MBK Hindi. Three years ago, I joined Hindi 1, taking the same ordinary approach as many others, to fulfil my foreign language requirement. After my first and second years of Hindi, I was ready to advance to my final year, holding the same inital mindset about fulfilling my language requirement. On the first day of my final year of Hindi, I met with my current teacher, Madhu Aunty. At first, I reckoned that this year would also be another typical year. However, Madhu Aunty was different. She believed in educating us for the purpose of learning. This thought really inspired me to do well, and I changed my mindset about the way I looked at the class. Madhu Aunty continued to teach us exceptionally, and I gained copious knowledge. By having faith in us, many of us, students, worked to genuinely learn about the Indian culture, religion, and history. Madhu Aunty not only changed my approach to classes such as Hindi, but she also changed my approach to life.Her expectional teaching skills also engaged many of us, students. Best of all, Madhu Aunty gave everyone a chance to succeed, which really caused me to strongly respect her. I strongly reccomend that everyone should take the opportunity to give MBK Hindi a try!

Sonya Pelia

May 31, 2012

In my opinion, the best Hindi learning program in the Bay Area! My daughter has been in this program since PreK and reads and writes Hindi only a couple of grade levels below where she would be in India! Cannot recommend this program highly enough. Madhu, the founder, is amazing: inspirational, loving, and rigorous in her teaching methods. Please note if you are interested in conversational Hindi only, taking a class once a week is not going to cut it. You need to spend several hours a day speaking Hindi.

Dated July 2009

Both Amira & Kiran want to do your camp again next week. They also want to have lunch. They LOVE LOVE LOVE your food!!! We would love to get your recipes.

Also, Amira has talked about a performance next week, when is it, so I can arrange my calendar, and she wants her Dad to come. -Rebecca

Dated September 2006

Madhuji, Thank you for the feedback and I think this has been the most detailed update I’ve seen for anything (and Harker as a school does do a very good job at keeping parents informed in general). Hari was very excited with his first Hindi class, the stickers he got and as parents, we were overjoyed at his reaction. He has not picked up much Hindi even though we speak a good deal of it at home (along with Tamil) – we’re looking for him to want to learn Hindi and his reaction after the first class was exactly that. He recited all that he learnt, has been saying namaste to us through the day etc. very excited and looking forward to learn more – what more could we parents want really? If there’s anything you’d like from us as parents to help with, please do let us know. And once again, thank you for making this so enjoyable and exciting for the children. Sincerely, Priya (Hari’s mother)