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Madhu Aggarwal

Madhu is credentialed to teach Science and Hindi and has been teaching Hindi language classes in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1987.. She has worked with local universities to start a Credential program for Hindi Teachers, and with CTC (California Commission on Teaching Credentials) for an approved CSET (California Subject Examination for Teachers) Hindi 2 exam.

Madhu has been vital in getting Hindi recognized as Foreign Language for High Schools in California. Next step is to get the credential program rolling, and an  option of this program in local schools and school districts. Madhu played an active role in a team effort for writing National Standards for Hindi for ACTFL (American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages).

After attending the STARTALK Hindi Teacher Workshop offered by NYU in Summer 2012, she has set her goals to streamline the curriculum with goal oriented and student centered lessons for Hindi classes at all levels.

Madhu has written Hindi Varnmala Geet published by Meera Massi Publishers, and designed and developed games, puzzles and placemats to make Hindi learning and teaching fun. Madhu has also helped Meera Massi Publishers and Tulika Publishers with translations and editing of bilingual English/Hindi books.

Madhu has strong background in Science and Technology with bachelor’s degree in Physics, Chemistry and Biology from Punjabi University, India, second bachelor’s degree in Medical Microbiology with minor in BioChemistry from San Jose State University, and a masters degree in Computer Science Engineering.

Madhu is currently working on a Hindi textbook in multimedia for High School students. Getting Hindi started as a World Language in the Public School System is her dream that is soon to become a reality.  Mrs. Aggarwal is the Director and Founder of MBK Language Center.

Anupama Sarna

Anupama Sarna has been a part of Madhu Bhasha Kendra since 2008. Anupama taught Hindi to elementary and college students for several years in Chandigarh, India. Anupama gained literary experience while publishing a book on the impact of Mythology in Indian Literature. The book was widely acclaimed in Indian literary circles and obtained particular accolades from top universities in India. Anupama also has experience in translating Hindi to English, having translated both literary books and official documents. Her philosophy in the classroom is to create an environment that stimulates students by exposing them to the cultural aspects of the Hindi-speaking world. She believes in creating a non-intimidating and encouraging atmosphere that enables students to use newly acquired language skills. Anupama holds a Ph.D in Hindi Literature from Punjab University and a Diploma in Hindi to English Translation also from Punjab University. She is also teaching Hindi at Stanford university.

Neelima Garg

Neelima Garg has been a long-time teacher with Madhu Bhasha Kendra having started in 2005 teaching Elementary Hindi. When MBK was awarded accreditation for teaching Hindi as a Credit for Foreign Language in 2007 she started teaching High School students. She has a penchant for teaching Hindi and a zest for life. She taught in Delhi and published articles in magazines before moving to the USA. She was Vice President of a large printing business for 30 years. Aside from teaching, she writes articles and poetry both in English and Hindi. Mrs. Garg is dedicated to empowering students at all levels and proud to be part of MBK.

Manisha Jain

Manisha Jain is a returning teacher at MBK. Teaching Hindi has been her passion for decades. The philosophy  that culture is significant in learning, and language is the root of culture is embedded in her teaching.  She believes every student has a potential to learn and with structured mentoring, learning can be effective and efficient. Manisha holds a Masters degree in Indian Classical dancing and Child Psychology. She is also a podcaster, author and a blogger…

Aditi Honwar

Mrs. Honawar has been with MBK since January 2022. She has a bachelors in accounting and a California state teaching credential. She also completed her masters in educational technology with an administrative credential. In addition to 18 years of teaching, Mrs Honawar has a passion for theater and acting. She has recently founded an Indian theater company along with people in her theater circles. She aspires to teach theater to children to connect them with their roots through various mythological plays.

Preeti Balchandani

Mrs. Balchandani has been a part of MBK since 2020.  She belongs to Delhi, India, and she has always tried to keep her culture and Hindi language alive and this has given her motivation to teach Hindi to students so that they remain rooted to their culture. Mrs. Balchandani has a Master’s degree in Education from San Jose State University and a Master’s degree in Computer Applications from Delhi University, India.

Sujata Birla

Sujata Birla has been a part of MBK since 2007. Prior to joining MBK, Sujata taught at Montessori School and ran her own wedding decorating firm. She attended “2010 STARTALK Teacher Workshop“ in UCLA. Currently she is teaching High School Hindi I and multiple levels of Elementary Hindi classes. She has a passion for teaching and tries to bring out the best in every student. Sujata has Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and psychology from Calcutta University, and AA degree in accounting and interior design.

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